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These pictures are Rednal-related, though not all taken at/in/on/over Rednal Airfield. It is not known if that of Beurling in the snow was taken elsewhere. We know of no pictures of Clostermann at Rednal. There is a missing wartime propaganda film shot over Rednal. As well as British and Commonwealth service personnel, we are very interested to know more about free-French, free-Belgian, free-Polish, free-Czechoslovak and all staff, groundcrew and pilots who worked, flew and lived in, around and over the airbase; we would like to know more about them and document their service. And in all cases we would be very grateful for any images, information and permissions thereon to include herein. Contact us here.

March 2017. Someone with insufficient flying experience came a cropper in a nearby field having flown from Rednal. Ironically, these "Pitts S-2 Special" planes are renown for their aerobatic prowess. Accident refs: ASN , AAIB , SFS

Unknown Polish airman, possibly at Rednal. OTU-61 had its own Polish subdivision and RT operator. The free-Polish pilots were brave, cheerful and fearless - people like Wojda, Zgainski, Mazur and many others trained at Rednal.

Spitfire over Rednal - (c) IWM

Spitfire over Rednal - (c) IWM

Pilot and groundcrew at Rednal - (c) IWM

John Caulton & Mk1 Spitfire of OTU61 at Rednal in 1942.

Blister hanger in background.

ยฉ John Caulton Spitfire pilot

Pilot and groundcrew at Rednal - (c) IWM

View down 4/22 looking NE before the weeds started taking over.

George Frederick Beurling


aka "Buzz", 'Screwball'.

Extremely able, legendarily skilled, tenacious, tough, fearless maverick Canadian pilot.

Cpl. Vera Isherwood in the control tower

Douglas 'DAKOTA' C-47s on the runway bringing in the wounded from Normandy after 'D-day'

The paperwork of flight training

Pierre Henri Clostermann

DSO, DFC & Bar

Photo album - must find citation

Pierre Henri Clostermann DSO, DFC & Bar

Military transport vehicle, chaps and Cpl. Vera Isherwood.

Account of a near-miss at Rednal by a dangerous fool, proud of his poor airmanship, amused by putting others in danger, and stupid enough to brag about the episode by posting on a public forum (pprune). Perplexing that these sorts are able to pass, let alone keep, a PPL.

Rednal station goods yard

Rednal station looking SE

Rednal station & signal box

Rednal station looking NW

Battlefield HQ pillbox

Gullwing machine-gun emplacement

The old 'Bone Works' at Rednal's railway-canal interchange.

Battlefield HQ pillbox with local farmer's attempt at demolishing it apparent.

Zenon Krzeptowski possibly at Rednal

UK Spitfire MkII OTU61 Rednal November1942

Marian Lis & Eugeniusz Jaworski; died in training

Eugeniusz Jaworski's funeral

Memorial plaque to Jean Noizet in Rue des Gรฉnรฉraux Cuvelier, 6820 Florenville, Wallonia, Belgium.

NB: Kynnersley and Hincks misspelled.

Idris Hasan Latif - 1st on the left in Winter 1944 at Rednal - a long way from Hyderabad. Flying Officer 'Biblo' Crishna on right.

Flight Officer Idris Hasan Latif (9 June 1923 โ€“ 30 April 2018)

20-year-old Flight Officer Idris Hasan Latif on the wing of a frosty Spitfire parked at Rednal in February 1944, no doubt eager to see action out East. Blister hanger in background left.